Soul’ Original Intention – The Fairy Dimension
by Master Hilarion Soul’s Original Intention – The Fairy Dimension
Channeled through Natalie Glasson
May 5, 2017 Original Source: School of OmNa

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Incredibly unique and diverse are the Elementals and those existing within the Elemental that they encourage us to perceive the Creator in a completely new, and diverse manner. It is very to be given such within, when entering the Elemental Dimensions. The is always present within; however, the Elemental Dimensions support you in exploring the Creator with greater depth, and expansion. It can be completely -blowing. is a reason why many have the Elemental Dimensions and try to create an illusion of the Elementals having a low vibration. Entering and with the Elemental Dimensions is often too much for many, they cope with seeing the truth of the Creator so vividly, magnified and in such detail.