By Nancy Tate.

Good Afternoon Everyone,
Yes, I this in the afternoon as I was at my , wondering what to do with myself; I was bored. Then suddenly I got the feeling that there was someone here with a message for me to share. I’d say that this Wake up Call is an example of how it means that we are waking up from the old duality to the new of being in the moment of timelessness, with Love all around us. Here is what came to me.

Wake up Call: Horus May 13 2017 Galactic Federation of Light

If you all were to go about your business and make a turn or two that felt good, then you would be in the space that brings about a good feeling of what your life is about right now. It is a matter of being true to and bringing a good template to your story.

As far as the rest of the story is there is a turn of events that is coming that bringing about the loveliest way of living that you have known since being on this planet. I of the reunion with yourselves, and the times of goodness that you will create and feel in every moment. It is a matter of the old being just that, the old. It is time for the new to be in every second and to imitate the previous one in of rightness.