ATF André, Call for the of the Evil Pyramid, June 16, 2017

My daughter and all loved of the Great Central sun, I am declaring that all of mankind shortly be lifted to a dimensional level in the coming shift to a density. You will be uplifted beyond the density that has so far been experienced. You are being taken , and this is occurring in the shape of a spiritual pyramid that is composed of the souls of Light. This pyramid is transposed over the evil pyramid of the fallen and is making it fade away. Your pyramid is one of Light that consumes the shadows of that pyramid of unrighteousness and corruption. The pyramid of spiritual evolution has its base in the four quadrants of matter where reside your density, as well as what you perceive as your reality. Only the base of that pyramid represents your material world, and its sides are the elements of the material world: fire, , and earth. In that connection that you have in the flame within your heart, you are immortal and have existed without any beginning, in the now of a spiritual existence without time, deterioration, or change. The paradoxical element to this matter simply is that at one time you were born in the higher etheric dimensions as twin flames that are inseparable in that you penetrated the world of , the body of the World Mother. In that birth you were still in existence beyond the limitation of time and change that have been affecting your existence on earth. now descends as your saviour, with its resurrecting effects.