Calling our Divine Presence
by Jennifer Lucas, June 25, 2017

Calling the Divine and Feminine. Calling the ‘We Are Presence’. I have composed the following decree.

We the Human Angelic Race of Call Forth the We Are Presence of the Seven God Rays of the Ascended Masters. We call forth the Seven Arc-eons with their Divine Twin Flame Complements. We ask for your presence to speak through our heart, and we Thank you.
We call To the First Blue Ray of El Morya with Amerissis and Archeon Michael with Archeia Faith to give and sustain us in the Will of God and Divine Protection.
We call To the Second Yellow Ray of Lord Lanto with Shoshimi , and Archeon Jophiel with Archeia Christine, and ask them to give and sustain us in and Illumination.
To the Third Pink Ray of Paul the Venetian with Lady Ruth and Archeon Chammuel with Archeia Charity, we call and ask that they give and sustain us in Divine Love and Adoration.
We raise our minds and heart to the Fourth White Ray of Serapis Bey, with Amutreya as well as Archeon Gabriel, with Archeia Hope, so they bless us with their rays and sustain us in Discipline and .
To The Fifth Green Ray of Hilarion with Pallas Athena, together with Archeon Raphael and Mother Mary, we implore that they sustain us in Ultimate and Divine Wholeness.
We also call for a dispensation of The Sixth Purple and Gold Ray of the Master , who works with Lady Nada and Archeon Uriel, as well as with Archeia Aurora, May this light and love of your Ray sustain us in Peace and Christ Consciousness.
To The Seventh Violet Ray of and Lady Portia who work with Archeon Zadkiel and Archeia Holy , we say ‘May your light and violet flame be to us for a resolution of all problems, whether personal or global, and may it sustain us in Transmutation and Forgiveness.
Thank you for being with us here in this moment, and in all moments, and for communicating and bringing us the messages that are to guide all of us here on Gaia now.