I am particularly that you to join me today in this facilitation of the realization of a new you that is about through the of this In Miracles, a pre-set mind training device that intends to show this conceptual world through the change of your mind what it really is.

There is an assumption on my part, which I hope will be all right with you that you have perhaps seen or at least entertained the idea of what this offering from a mind out of time is to you. It’s a teaching in a systematic way to change your mind about who you you were in your conceptual associations, very simply because your conceptual associations of yourself, which have entertained the idea that you could be separate from the eternal love of God, the love that we share together at this moment in this time frame, if we choose to, will belie our dedication to separate and suffer from the sickness and aging and deterioration and momentary of temporal love that disintegrate into the nothingness that represents the certainty of not being able to who we are and what we are doing here.

This is a Course in Miracles, because all around you in this time and place, based on the certainty being represented by me as an aggregation of your thought forms contained within your own mind, you right there, is the entirety of the solution. As we would declare to you, miracles are perfectly natural. You’re going to have to understand in a relationship that I am sharing with you at this moment that if you and I should decide in a mutual admission of the possibility of a whole alternative occurring at this time and place, that I will promise you that it will . And that we will leave this place together.

From The Illuminate Mind Training Series
with The Master of A Course In Miracles.
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