By: Elaine Degiorgio ~ Spiritual Medium Channeler & Reiki Master Teacher.

laine Degiorgio Spiritual Medium, Channeler and Reiki Master Teacher
1 June at 16:15 ·
Message from Heru
I come forth to speak through the hearts of my beloved to the hearts of you all. I speak today from my abode in the Great Blue Lodge which anchors the Blue Flame that I overseeth on the God Star Sirius A.
Children, we are having events taking place at this time, the energy has come forth to you all and it has been unfortunate that still much confusion lies deep within the hearts of many Souls at this time.
You are the radiant lights that are shining forth upon humanity at this time, shining brightly like the rays of my Sun.
Where the truths unfold, many mistruths get spoken of through the tongues of Man. This has since the beginning of time.
We have come forth to your earth to speak the of love, to speak the of healing, to speak the of truth, to speak the of ONEness.
Man hath created and fashioned the religion upon you earth thus creating a matrix for which satisfies the yearning for that connection with the Creator.
Matrix upon Matrix is reaped and sowed upon your earth for it is Man that seeks to Create and Co-Create their destiny.
We the Prime Creator, Creator Gods, Elohim and Archangels hath assisted mankind for Eons to create the energy of love peace and understanding. We have supplied the Universal Laws, the 13 Sacred Keys for you to self master including that of Free Will.
For where there is Love, there is harmony and freedom. And freedom of thought and action.
Each being upon her or his own individually, and yet they harmonise with another and others. The is to align with those who ring similarly. In this way, healing. In this way, Love. In this way, greater human evolution can be achieved.
It is the task of individuals to find the map that leads the way to each who harmonises similarly. It is the task of individuals to locate their groups. The map is in the matter world. It is in the that are the energies that surround you and you must feel them. But in order to feel them you must be able to pay attention to them; you must be able to heed them. And this requires fine tuning. It requires practice. It requires extending your hearing and your listening to the signals of your own body; to your internal knowing.
And from this you can navigate. From this you can find your way in the world, and you can migrate to those who vibrate similarly. You will know them by their touch. You will know them by how they make you feel. And it is through those relationships that you will find the truth of the vibration that harmonises with your Eternal Self.
Remember your calling to humanity and do not be swayed by the messages that are coming forth at this time to counteract your calling.
For there is much challenge taking place upon your earth at this time and much healing needs to be sent to those whom are in of healing, and whom are in of love. Great distraction and distortion is taking place in the hearts of many at this time and it is time to be of discernment for the message I today is of LOVE.
Remain steadfast in your Radiant Lights! Stay steadfast in your Love! For the Greater Plan is to anchor the divine energy of love light and healing to Gaia.
I AM Heru and I speak through Elaine this day 1/6/2017