Marina Jacobi, Mobilizing Structures’

The Council of Nine, June 23, 2017

Hello dear friends we are the council of nine and the 11 dimensional beings. This information about mobilizing structures is giving you more in depth about the quantum manifestation in the structure of your existence. Let’s just say for example that you can construct two levels of realities. And each level of realities that is implemented has its own frequency vibrational geometric pattern code. But sometimes the of each one is reluctant to Merge with the other parallel reality and make one linear now .
If the frequency Of the two parallel realities are not similar in resonance they can not merge as one. So in this , level the two parallel realities and merge them as one unit and you need to level the quantum field as equal. That means that no new frequency should be given or from you to create the leap to the new reality . Understand that the neutrality is the one that is giving you to choose with clear mind what is the next step of frequency vibration to be given. Projected from you and implemented with strong location sound vibration. That is why localize structure is fundamental for all the realities or you will be in constant duality , constant battle of two or more realities, and your manifestation unit of the reality will fluctuate tremendously to infinite number at all times. The confusion comes from misunderstanding of the localized knowledge that you are implementing in every given .
This implementation is not only for matter manifestation but also for parallel nano structural realities. Remember that everything is fractal. Because you need to localize it, to stabilize it in zero point where in each structure you create a vacuum of so you will be able to shift and choose the new implementation of realities . These new realities can be in structures of making matter, or you will simply choose to shift to Parallel new infinite reality.
So you see, do not your previous emotions. It is irrelevant because each that you are projecting and shifting, is literally for itself and is also fractal momentum in the now Of your illusionary existence.

Much love to all,
Marina Jacobi”