Sheldan Nidle’s update for June 6, 2017

As discussed previously, we deeply believe that a faster to distribute funds needs to be formally adopted. Even though some changes were permitted, there are still many more needed in order for the system to implement the procedures we have previously suggested. Until then, we expect the bottlenecks built into this system will continue to slow everything down. Our preference for this system to speed up and then permit the NESARA Republic to formally come into existence. At that time, a number of positive things can take place. The most important to us , of course, disclosure.

What we wish for you is success. This time is to be in which you are truly able to pursue your deepest hopes and dreams. This land is no longer to be where you are hindered from pursuing your many separate passions. these moments to forge new realities and new governments, to vanquish the old ways and new ones. It is our deepest hope that these various pursuits are able to guide you to things that not only form this new realm but as well lead you joyously to and to being introduced to your spiritual and space families!

This new reality is our main goal. We that permitting you to move forward swiftly can only result in a variety of important consequences. Your new-found prosperity is to create the conditions that can support new governments and the arrest of all who defended the old reality that maintained its horrific ways. Your sacred task is to move in joy toward full and a reunion with us, the Agarthans and Heaven. In this, we fully support you and the creation of your new galactic society. Go forward with this, surrounded by our and Light. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!