The Invisible Council, June 20, 2017

There is at the moment in effect, the finale grimoire, working in tandem with the Apocolypse sequence, and the black thesis has been to the masses. The dark are targeting the masses and those of the elder races, who have incarnated on , directly with the cycles of . The final grimoire is working with the cycles of the apocalypse sequence to try and inhibit the changes taking place, the black thesis is speaking directly to the entities that have nested in the energy bodies of those who are taken by its deceit, anything of mind is to be avoided at all costs.
Beings of love are all coming into harmony and building a world through the vibrations of the sacred . The community of love based forces have come together under the resonant force of love, in the sanctuary of the cosmic sacred , and are working as a unit. The planetary body is working in harmony with the loving embrace of the divine intelligence of the heart unit.
The dark ones work as a hive mind, and are implanting the masses with ethereal devices designed to feed off of their energy, and impede the evolution of the . They are using biotech devises and other strange scalar phenomena to directly manipulate the masses, causing them to fall and become a part of the dark hive mind.