Here is the UFO Headline News for Thursday June 8th, 2017

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Headline #1: Strawberry Moon Up At Sunset June 8th

Synopsis: Tonight – June 8, 2017 – the Strawberry Moon will look plenty full as it groups up with the star Antares and the planet Saturn in the southeastern sky at nightfall. As our Earth turns underneath the heavens, the full-looking moon, Antares and Saturn will move westward across the nighttime sky. The celestial threesome will climb highest up tonight around midnight, and will sit low in the west at dawn June 9. In North America, we commonly call the June full moon the Strawberry Moon.

Headline #2: A Planet Hotter Than Most Stars

Synopsis: Astronomers have discovered a Jupiter-like world – named KELT-9b – with a day-side temperature of more than 7,800 degrees F. (4,316 degrees C.) That’s hotter than most stars, and only about 2,000 degrees F. (about 1,000 degrees C.) cooler than our sun. Scott Gaudi, astronomy professor at The Ohio State University, led a study on the topic, described in the journal Nature on June 5, 2017. Gaudi said in a statement: “This is the hottest gas giant planet that has ever been discovered.”

Headline #3: ‘Bent Light’ From Distant Star Proves Einstein Right One Hundred Years Later

Synopsis: Just over a century after Albert Einstein managed to grok how the universe works without the aid of the fancy algorithms and space telescopes we have today, modern astronomy and technology has again issued an “I told you so” on his behalf. Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity predicts that the gravity of stars acts as a kind of magnifying glass for other more distant stars when a nearer star passes in front of them. This is because the gravity of huge objects like stars actually causes the fabric of space to curve around them.

Headline #4: Black Triangle Sighting in Herrin, Illinois

Synopsis: While outside me and a friend was testing out my new telescope trying to focus in on Saturn and we was out there for around an hour or so trying to figure it out…I was almost dialed in on Saturn with the site scope when my friend quietly but urgently told me to look and nudged me and when I looked at what he was pointing at in the sky at first I was thinking “shooting star” but this was no shooting star,,, we saw a triangle-shaped ship flying very fast and very low.

Headline #5: UFO Sighting in North Olmsted, Ohio

Synopsis: My neighbor and I were standing outside enjoying a fire when he pointed up and said “What’s that thing?!”  and I  then noticed a bright orange light/orb to the west; we started trying to identify the craft and we eliminated that it could be a fixed-wing aircraft; I thought it could be a helicopter since there is some helicopter traffic in the area, but we soon eliminated that as the object continued flying east towards us and it made no sound and also, the bright orange light was not normal for a helicopter.

Headline #6: UFO Sighting in San Antonio, Texas

Synopsis: My wife and daughter and I were getting a snow cone at the corner of Bandera Road and 1604 and as we got into the car my 23 year old daughter says , “Hey Dad, why are those planes flying so close together ?” and as I looked into the sky I saw what my daughter was talking about and made a joke, ” Hey look–those are UFO’s you just found “, then as I really looked at them I noticed that they were “not right” and when they turned, then I could see they were really not airplanes either.

Headline #7: UFO Sighting in North Las Vegas, Nevada

Synopsis: Here are my sighting details: When looking at the object with the naked eye it just appeared to be very brightly lit and to have wings, however this changed when viewing with binoculars, and again when viewed through the nightvision app on the phone; also when viewing with the naked eye no change in shape or motion could be noticed, but when viewing through binoculars it was radically different and now I could see that there was a sort of cylinder shape with equal parts colored red, white and blue, which glowed very brightly, then it looked like it was beaming a spotlight–and at first I thought it was beaming a light to search the ground, but as I watched it seemed to cause a ‘thing’ to materialize at the end of the beam (which widened); this ‘thing’ looked like a sparkly cloud that kind of shimmered or had shimmering, iridescent bits in it.

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