Here is the UFO Headline News for Wednesday June 14th, 2017

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Headline #1: Find The Little Dipper!

Synopsis:Tonight … how to find the Little Dipper using the Big Dipper as a guide. The Big Dipper is easy to find, but the Little Dipper isn’t. You need a dark sky to see the Little Dipper, so be sure to avoid city lights. On June evenings, you can find the Big Dipper high in the north. Notice that it has two parts – a bowl and a handle. Look at the outer two stars in the bowl of the Big Dipper, those stars farthest from the handle. Those stars are sometimes called The Pointers because they point to the North Star, also known as Polaris. And Polaris is the last star in the handle of the Little Dipper. The Little Dipper isn’t a constellation. It’s an asterism, or noticeable star pattern. The Little Dipper belongs to the constellation Ursa Minor the Little Bear.

Headline #2: Trappist-1 Planets May Have Formed From Chunks of Melting Ice

Synopsis: After its discovery, Trappist-1 instantly became one of the most interesting stars in the Milky Way, with seven Earth-sized planets including three in the life-supporting “habitable zone.” But, why did the planets form in such uniform Earth-like sizes so close to their star? Astronomers from the University of Amsterdam believe everything can be explained by small chunks of ice that clustered in the region where water just starts to freeze. Eventually, enough chunks clotted together like plasticine, forming worlds just inside the “ice zone” — the perfect spot for life.

Headline #3: NASA Rocket Will Try Again To Spark Glowing Clouds Over U.S. East Coast

Synopsis: Update for June 14: NASA’s next attempt to launch a small sounding rocket to create glowing clouds in the night sky will occur no earlier than Thursday night (June 15). Liftoff from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility from Wallops Island, Virginia is scheduled for some time between 9:05 p.m. EDT and 9:20 p.m. EDT (0105-0120 GMT). If all goes as planned, the rocket will create brilliant red and blue glowing clouds when it releases gas-filled canisters high above Earth that may be visible from New York to North Carolina, and as far inland as Charlottesville, Virginia, NASA officials have said. The mission is a technology demonstration flight to test a new ejection system for the canisters, which will aid future studies of Earth’s ionosphere and auroras, they added. The mission will create glowing clouds by releasing vapor tracers of barium, strontium and cupric oxide at altitudes of between 96 and 124 miles (155 to 200 km) above Earth, NASA officials said, adding that the vapor tracers pose no hazard to the public.

Headline #4: The McMinnville UFO Photographs

Synopsis: The McMinnville UFO photographs were taken on a farm near McMinnville, Oregon, United States, in 1950. The photos were reprinted in Life magazine and in newspapers across the nation, and are often considered to be among the most famous ever taken of a UFO. Most UFO skeptics have concluded that the photos are a hoax, but many ufologists continue to argue that the photos are genuine, and show an unidentified object in the sky.

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