You are ON a Multi-Dimensional Earth NOW… Everything is Different… ☼ Lisa Transcendence Brown

Wrap your mind around MULTI-Dimensional Earth… You are not on a single dimensional earth PHYSICAL experience anymore. (We have not been since 2012). The physical is DIFFERENT in each … none of us have the same REALities anymore.

Our unconscious/veiled/sleeping human aspect cannot perceive what this means. It’s mind is way to (and too). To “it”, everyone experiences the same PHYSICAL REALITY, with the same parameters applied. Linear mindsets physical proof to believe, focus on a physical thing to see, believe words and mis-perceive everything, because of assumptions or beliefs/mentalities that affixed during their linear human experience/ here.

Their mind cannot grasp the of what all of this means. They still live in a reality of “this is the only ” or “proof”… which binds them to the linear/fixed/old matrix reality and they have not got a .

PHYSICAL REALITIES are that materialize in the physical in RESPONSE… to our own cellular programs and memories and state of expansion available to each one of us. My physical REALity on 5D+ and above is very very very different than the physical reality of a 3rd/4th dimensional human and vice-versa.