ATF André, The Tide Turning, On Mount Meru
22, 2017, by Christine Preston

You might think the thoughts you are perceiving in your mind are your own, but , and listen again, and to distinguish the tele-thought transmissions from your own thoughts! The next period will be of transformation, reformation, and recreation, with more Disclosure and Enlightenment. This is when the work really and gets very exciting, and the miraculous appearances of those beings assigned to the so-called First will come for particular objectives. It is a renewal of which will be celebrated because it was more than 50,000 years ago that the Beings of Light, or Ascended Masters, like Saint Germain, withdrew from the physical plane and retreated to the etheric realm. It was due to the devolution into the 3rd dimension that was taking place. There is an etheric blueprint descending. It is an image and pattern, or matrix, that is dimensional and that you are using to create your reality and you mirror it. Heaven is being reflected upon . In Scripture there is a reference to a New Jerusalem and it is not a as some have claimed. It is this image for a new world, and it can manifest Christ consciousness in your psyche. It is descending now so you can externalize it and create the 5th kingdom, that better reality of a golden age.