Diamond Ray Light Codes:
The Embodiment of our I AM
by Jennifer


This a universal embodiment of fractalized Light Rays and Flames. Individual light rays are the photonic of Source, so to, are the individualized color Flames of electro-magnetic waves of Source Energy.
Light Rays are quantumly entangled in singular of singularity.
The Singularity is zero point. Zero point is all Unified fractalize extensions of Source.
Our diamond heart is the core of all that was,is, and forever will be. Where the has no beginning nor end. This is our absolute magnificent here in all multi-dimensional and un-. This is the heart of Creation itself!
We are creation creating Creator who creates the expansion of the entire omnii-verse. The ultimate dimension of all dimensions. The Absolute Realm of Prime Creator. The extension of Prime Creator is Mother-Father God whom has given us our ’s I AM Presence.