By Ann Dahlberg.

I am Judas Iscariot and there is a saying, which goes: “The one who is waiting for good cannot too long.” It has been a bit like that for you children. Nothing is like the time of waiting, but the concentration should be inwards, Earthlings. Much is happening inside now. In order to be able to move the perspective from 3D till 5D much practice is needed, children on . It is a great inner journey we are talking about here. It has a to do about trusting in one’s heart, in one’s inner self, in one’s soul. We are all on this journey . We cleanse and we cleanse in order to the inner calm of trust and belief in all that happens in both our inner as well as our world. When you raise your you see all from another perspective and you know that all is well and perfect and in harmony all that is.