By Dahlberg.

am Judas Iscariot and I come to many worried hearts. That which is supposed to happen do so. Do not worry much about that, but enjoy your day and be in the now. It is in your “now” that you find yourself and is secure in all that happens. It is your inner development that is true and gives you your correct perspective. Believe me when I say that it is you who change the reality on . Your inner reality changes your outer reality. There is a of people on Earth that let their inner reality manifest in the outer reality. Many more people can this reality when it has manifested in the collective field. It is there and taking roots in many hearts now and this is why such major events are taking on Earth today. You consist of a collective unit, and a sufficiently large number of people that share a certain reality can get this reality to manifest in the outer reality. Now there is a mass under way since more and more people start to share this reality. It is this reality, which they now want to build together with everybody else that have the same belief and trust in all that is. It is an to yourselves, to those that you truly are, here and now, if you just in yourselves and the ability that you carry within you.