Michael, NESARA, September, Deactivation of Stargate
July 20, 2017 by Christine Preston


was a 2 year period when it was decided to accelerate the rise of consciousness to its limits, and we didn’t know for sure whether it was going to be or . The results have been very good but this acceleration has been painful. It really a time of tribulation and apocalypse in the sense that what was hidden has been exposed, no stone will be left unturned. There will be a lot of repercussions that will continue as a of these two years in the cosmic Merkaba of activation of the Stargate. You have transited very quickly to a new height, the whole planetoid has. It is a flat realm, or platform, but it is globular when you look at it with the 3rd eye, at its higher dimensional levels and all of its lower , or lower , or underworld. From far away, in what you might call the Galaxy, you would see a Star and it is because of the light of the Sun that circulates above it, this platform. And the Sun is not just a physical , it is a higher dimensional Being composed of many entities and those are Solar Angels. It is manifesting light from that is higher Light, the light of the Monadic Presence, your -Mother God. The Sun is a globular Emissary of the Light, and is the Adam of Light of the Nag Hammadi text.