3 Imix, 4 Vayeb, 13 Caban.

Selamat Jalwa. The basic tasks of preparing for delivery appear to be completed. We continue however to be baffled by the lack of any coherent design for a mass delivery and this continues to amaze us. Yet despite the lack of a finished plan, we are that ultimately the sets of deliveries promised will be given to all. Hence, we remain amazed by the progress that is being accomplished without any plan of action. In other words, despite this chaotic things are progressing well. It is this unwieldiness that makes us believe that we are moving .

The Galactic “plan” continues to be in force. We therefore expect to see a degree of specially directed activity. All of the cabal’s remaining ploys are systematically being defeated and signs of success are surely unfolding. These indications mean that soon these deliveries will be ready to go. Something wonderful is about to occur. Therefore be that many special circumstances are indeed in .