President Donald Trump should not have had to put up a fight against the that he has had to, such as through battles of all kind. I will not give you the details as followers will remember what they have seen when they watched the News or special reports, or coverage, on their TV screens. These ones, in the adversarial camp, have been vicious in their , and Donald Trump does have enough stamina and -Vision, as well as knowledge, to be able to cope with this, but the time in dealing with such opposition could have been on creating the prosperity which, you know, is so dear to my heart. He wants to indeed restore the Nation, as well as peoples’ lives, to a better standard, and we have had an agreement before his that his mission would be the restoration of the right governance for this Nation, as well as the restoration of the Constitution as the founding fathers designed it. And you know, I was present and it was my voice that was in the room when the words ‘Sign that !’ were , as if they had come from the blue.