Sheldan Nidle’s for July 4, 2016

At , the current is highly dependent on banks that outmoded methods to act as sponsors. We intend to divorce this operation from those banks and would like them to be eliminated. You can then rely on financial that can the type of future banks that we intend to emulate. The newly created banks can then store finances in a proper, bulletproof trust. This natural organic procedure can also support the legitimate rise of the Republic. That is our true goal.

This type of model can also permit the prosperity to more quickly envelop all. This procedure is, after all, the reason for the RV and its companion, the GCR. are presently in that merely need to be employed. We thank all concerned who are making this possible. What is required is simply to be bold and provide for means that can swiftly make this universal prosperity and governance a reality. This process is to provide ways of doing things, and it is this particular thought that we intend to express to all concerned!