Here is the UFO Headline News for Monday July 10th, 2017

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Headline #1: Watch For a Daytime Moon This Week

Synopsis: This week – beginning Tuesday morning, June 11, 2017 – watch for the daytime moon. No matter where you are on Earth, look generally westward after sunrise to see the moon in a clear blue daytime sky. Why can you see the moon in the daytime now? The full moon took place this weekend. That means the moon is now in a waning gibbous phase, rising after nightfall and setting in a westward direction after sunrise. If you look for the moon at the same time every morning, you’ll see it appearing higher and higher in the western sky each early morning, all week long. To understand why, think about where the sun is in early morning. The moon is moving in its orbit around Earth, drawing closer and closer to the Earth-sun line.

Headline #2: Uranus May Have Odd, Strobe-Like Magnetic Field

Synopsis: The planet Uranus just keeps getting weirder. The icy gas world that strangely orbits the sun on its side may also have a wonky magnetic field that constantly flickers on and off, new research suggests. Magnetic fields around planets, or magnetospheres, create shields against the bombardment of radiation from the sun known as solar wind. On Earth, for example, the magnetosphere lines up pretty closely with the planet’s axis of rotation, and magnetic field lines emerge from Earth’s north and south poles. On Uranus, however, the magnetosphere is a bit more chaotic.

Headline #3: UFO Witnesses Capture ‘Shining Disk’ on Video Near Toronto Harobourfest

Synopsis: A couple celebrating Canada Day at Toronto’s Harbourfront recorded a video of a mysterious “white shining disk,” according to a UFO report they submitted today to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). Along with the report, the couple uploaded their video. The video shows a round object with what appears to be a clear or dark center. The object cannot be seen throughout the video, but appears and then disappear several times. The object looks disk-shaped, perhaps even a disk with the center cut out like a vinyl record.

Headline #4: UFO Sighting in Cairo, New York

Synopsis: I went to observe July 4th fireworks in Cairo; while facing west, I noticed a blinking white light for approximately ten minutes and I assumed it was a helicopter watching the fireworks from above; with no point of reference except mountains below, it appeared to be about a mile or so above the earth–then suddenly it moved about 20 degrees north–in less than one second; if I had to guess, it was approximately one to two miles away (which really got my interest) and it continued to blink a white light for about five minutes.

Headline #5: UFO Sighting in Annapolis, Maryland

Synopsis: About twenty guests were looking north towards fireworks in the distance over the Gibson Island/Magothy River near the city of Arnold; once the fireworks display ended an object appears in the sky on our right, coming from the east perhaps south-southeast, in a straight-line pattern heading north-northwest and passed over our heads moving relatively fast;  we were all on the south shore of the Magothy River and we noticed it because it was a circle /orb/ball and the color was yellow orange– from our perspective it could have been larger than a golf ball and smaller than a basketball–this was not a plane.

Headline #6: Black Triangle Sighting in Vincennes, Indiana

Synopsis: We were northbound on U.S. Highway 41 on a full moon night passing through Vincennes when I saw the object through the windshield as we were coming to where U.S. Highway 41 splits off to U.S. 50; the object was ahead of us, up above the trees and would have been almost above where the CSX train tracks come from the south heading north to Terre Haute. Indiana; the object had white and green steady lights at points of the triangle there was no rotating or flashing light.

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