Here is the UFO Headline News for Thursday July 13th, 2017

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Headline #1: Summer Triangle and Smallest Constellations

Synopsis: The Summer Triangle consists of three bright stars – Vega, Deneb and Altair – in three separate constellations. If you can find the Summer Triangle, you can use it to locate three of the sky’s smallest constellations: Vulpecula the Fox, Delphinus the Dolphin and Sagitta the Arrow. All three would be impossible to see from the city. If you’re up for a binocular challenge, try finding the Coathanger asterism in Vulpecula. On the other hand, the little constellations Delphinus and Sagitta are very distinctive. They’re easy to see in a dark country sky, because both actually look somewhat like the objects/creatures for which they’re named. Delphinus is supposed to be the Dolphin that carried a Greek poet – Arion – safely away from his enemies. Sagitta is sometimes considered to be an arrow shot from the bow of Hercules.

Headline #2: Wow! Juno’s Super-Close Red Spot Images

Synopsis: Earlier than expected, the close-ups of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot – made possible by a close sweep past the planet by the Juno spacecraft on July 10 – are beginning to arrive! NASA had said originally not to expect them until July 14, but they started arriving on the 12th! What’s more, NASA has invited “citizen scientists” to help process the images, saying on the JunoCam online database page: “This is where we will post raw images. We invite you to download them, do your own image processing, and we encourage you to upload your creations for us to enjoy and share. The types of image processing we’d love to see range from simply cropping an image to highlighting a particular atmospheric feature, as well as adding your own color enhancements, creating collages and adding advanced color reconstruction.”

Headline #3: Astronomers Find New Evidence For Existence of Planet Nine

Synopsis: Two astronomers believe they have new evidence to support the existence of the elusive Planet Nine, a hypothetical planet in the far reaches of the solar system beyond Pluto. If it exists, Planet Nine would be about the size of Neptune or Uranus, and its orbit would place the planet at a distance of about 700 AU, or 700 times the average distance from Earth to the sun. Debates over a possible Planet Nine focus on the peculiar distribution of orbits found for trans-Neptunian objects (TNOs) in the Kuiper Belt. TNOs are minor planetary bodies beyond the eighth major planet, Neptune—Pluto is currently designated as a TNO. The Kuiper Belt is a disk-shaped region beyond Neptune filled with thousands of planetary bodies.

Headline #4: Project Blue Book Origins–Part 3 of 3/Cheryl Costa

Synopsis: In a 1997 book about the CIA’s involvement with UFOs written by CIA historian Gerald Haines, he indicated that then President Harry S. Truman had serious concerns. “A massive buildup of sightings over the United States in 1952, especially in July, alarmed the Truman administration.” The CIA’s concern with the issue would lead to the creation of the Robertson Panel in January 1953. For four days in January 1953, the Robertson panel reviewed all the evidence available at the time and published the Durant Report. The report simply took the position that UFOs were not a threat to national security. Of course, they parroted the position from Project Grudge that the Soviets could possibly mask an invasion by using a massive UFO-sighting event to clog communication channels.

Headline #5: Witness In Ontario Photographs “Rectangular Box-Shaped” UFO

Synopsis:  “On July 11, 2017 at approximately 16:15 – 16:20 hrs., I witnessed an unidentifiable flying/floating object sailing over my area (East Hamilton, Ontario), from my apartment balcony. My balcony faces N/E, toward the bay of Lake Ontario. I stepped out to take a look at the construction crew tearing down an old high school across the road from my building, and to check on the current temperature, when this object caught my eye, drifting at first in my direction (fully south), coming from the north area of the city, closer to the lake. It was fairly large, and I estimated it to be almost the size of an Austin Mini Cooper car. It looked solid/3D, and was rectangular and box-like in shape.

Headline #6: UFO Sighting in Fishkill, New York

Synopsis: I first saw a large, bright blue light above the mountain top–I saw it move a little then it became out of sight because of my angle and the curve in the road (I was driving); I exited off the I-84 at exit 13, so I was across from the Speedway and the light that had been northbound was now northwest- bound and landing on top of the mountain–I saw it lower itself and disappear at the top.

Headline #7: Black Triangle Sighting in Henning, Tennessee

Synopsis: Two people saw this; we worked at a prison–I worked a housing unit as unit supervisor, the other witness was a perimeter patrol officer–I don’t remember the actual dates, and other than the incident I didn’t think much of it afterwards until watching the History Channel which I do a lot, I saw a drawing of what I thought to be the same thing I saw, so here it is: I was working a unit on I what I would say is the back side of the prison when a mobile unit called into Central Control and reported an aircraft hovering over the trees; this is a maximum security prison so all aircraft reports were very serious to us.

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