Here is the UFO Headline News for Tuesday July 25th, 2017

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Headline #1: Mercury and Regulus Rendezvous At Dusk

Synopsis: Tonight – July 25, 2017 – if you have a clear sky and an unobstructed western horizon, you might catch the furtive rendezvous of the planet Mercury and star Regulus at evening dusk. It won’t be easy, especially at northerly latitudes. At mid-northern latitudes – like those in the U.S. and Europe – the twosome will follow the sun beneath the horizon somewhat more than one hour after sunset. Start your search half an hour to 45 minutes after sunset. Undoubtedly, binoculars will come in handy for this challenging observation!

Headline #2: Watch For Delta Aquariid Meteors

Synopsis: Late July 2017 – around July 27 or 28 – presents the nominal peak of the Delta Aquariid meteor shower, but this long-lived meteor shower rambles along steadily from about July 12 to August 23 each year. The full moon on August 7, 2017 means we’ll have a waxing crescent moons at and near the peak dates of July 27 and 28. That’s good! It means the moon will set at late evening, to provide moon-free skies between midnight and dawn, in late July. Click here, and check the moonrise and moonset box, to find out when the moon sets in your sky. Late July is the time to watch meteors in 2017. This shower overlaps with the more famous Perseid meteor shower. In 2017, the Perseids’ peak is drowned in moonlight. So watch in late July for the Delta Aquarids, and see a few Perseids in the mix.

Headline #3: You Can Help NASA Out During This Summer’s Solar Eclipse

Synopsis: A major solar eclipse will be taking place on August 21, and NASA needs your help when it comes to collecting data. The GLOBE program, an educational initiative supported by NASA, has launched an app to encourage those along the path of the solar eclipse to help contribute their findings. With just a little bit of effort, you can participate in an actual scientific study. The solar eclipse will be seen across continental United States, and during August’s eclipse NASA is intent on gathering information from folks across the country regarding how drastically temperatures will shift.

Headline #4: Argentina: Spectacular Bolide Stuns Onlookers

Synopsis: An intensely bright light was seen in the heavens over many parts of the country. Theories emerged and we now have the answer. What was it? The skies over Argentina were illuminated for a few seconds, startling people who were able to see it from various parts of the country. Was it a UFO, a shooting star? people wondered. But there was another solution. “It was a space rock. A bolide. These are rocks larger than the palm of one’s hand which disintegrate at high altitude as they enter our atmosphere,” explained Jorge Coghlan, astronomer and boardmember of the Centro de Observadores del Espacio (Space Watch Center).

Headline #5: Aviation Experts At Loss Over Apparent UFO

Synopsis: Mystery surrounds a possible UFO sighting photographed by people on the northern beaches this month. Narrabeen’s Gus Medero captured a close-up shot of the bizarre object and he was one of several witnesses at a loss to explain­ it. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority has also described the object as “a mystery.” Mr. Medero was taking sunrise photos at Avalon’s Bangalley Head on July 5, about 7am, when his camera also captured a large white dot in the sky above the sun. Medero said the unidentified object looked to have “four jet streams coming out” of it. “I’ve never seen anything like it,” Mr Medero said. “I can’t really give you a definitive answer (on what it was).”

Headline #6: Bright White Light Over Watlngton, King’s Lynn-21st July 2017

Synopsis: Witness Statement: Looking up to the clear night sky I’m viewing stars when I see a flash and notice a bright white light start moving across the sky, it looked like a star–it moved and periodically, disappeared and then altered it’s direction–90degrees–it looked like it’s just at atmospheric height, it then went off out of the atmosphere and then I see another one just the same, travelling in a total other area of the night sky and observe it for a few minutes.

Headline #7: Why We Should Not Worry About That ‘Morphing’ UFO In Cornwall

Synopsis: If you’ve been keeping up with the news in the UK, you might have heard about a morphing UFO appearing at a number of locations across Cornwall last week. We’re telling you guys straight up – this is not aliens, despite some hashtags on the footage. While it’s a little annoying that we’re not any closer to an actual aliens, the footage itself is pretty damn cool. So, we already know it’s not aliens, but what is it? A bird murmuration (a special type of flock of starlings)? A really really big insect swarm?

Headline #8: UFO Sighting in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Synopsis: My wife and I  went outside our home at 169th street on July 16th at 12:00 pm to watch the aurora that was supposed to be visible in the metro Vancouver area, when we both spotted a glowing circular star-like craft at a high altitude; the light was high to the east of us (and appeared as star-like) the craft however was moving at significant speed.

Headline #9: UFO Sighting in Florida, United States

Synopsis: While in the car, I noticed a reflective silver cylinder to the west slowly, descending through clouds–not moving with them–so, traveling against the upper winds and heading straight down into the Gulf of Mexico.

Headline #10: UFO Sighting in Salem, Oregon

Synopsis: I was sitting in my office on the second floor in my home; I have a window in front of my computer screen, and I saw a fast moving orb– moving towards the southeast!

Headline #11: UFO Sighting in Montana

Synopsis: Standing outside an old farm house–just looking at the stars…noticed lots of light–a ufo for sure–multiple orbs darting through the sky–then one giant mothership–moving, almost landing.

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