By Tate.

Wake up Call: Avenda July 03 2017 Galactic

by Nancy Tate.

If there a way to start this new day it is with the knowledge that it is already in the works to bring the newness of your into the foremost that it can be. It is a time for us all to bring the news of the world into our and into the way we live our . As that happens we see what it is that we are headed for in our moment to moment revival of who we are and where we be going from there. You ask, what do you mean by where we be going from here? Is it something that we can predict, or is it something that be showing us the way to go to?

What I say to you is that you bring forth the Spirit of what is coming for you because you are creating it in every thing you do and say and feel. It is a matter of you expressing the Spirit within and creating not only what you have desired to manifest, but what you are living in the of your power through Love.