I moved to 2 years ago after leaving when I was 10. I truly to make some genuine friends who are into experiencing the full breadth of what our home (Planet Earth and our local system) have to offer. finished with friendships on and disrespect. a visual artist (I attached some art for you to see) and also a committed sovereign incarnate to earn the right to disarm the dysfunction patterns and distortions this collective chose to experience through the lucifer experiment. The allot time is over and we all must recognize that we are no longer in an illusion of separation. We are again one with all of creation. We have a clear choice. We can choose to again incarnate into another lucifer experiment in another aspect of creation or we may choose to rejoin the one. This will all occur within universal law. WIthin a will creation all aspects or experience occur with full agreement of all parties or it would not occur. But how? For a violation to occur you would have to against the mind of god or the one. We are all the one. Earth is a larger molecule within theone. ANd like any cancer that has grown within the body of god it is currently being treated. How do we here on earth treat cancer? I think you know the answer. It is self evident and the chemo, so to speak, is about to begin. What do you choose? Your timelines, are clearly before you. This transition phase seeded first in 1969 then amplified in 1986 put firmly into action within the consciousness of God in September 11, 2001 has been spirling and limiting each soul possibilities so the would be able to identify their truths in an undeniable manor so when this flash point occurs your choice would also be undeniably clear.

Now is Now.

Choose and InJoY!

~sethd8 and all of us fucking snarky Galactics.