By Ann Dahlberg.

I am Raphael and I come on angel wings today. It the stroke of the angel wings that now can be sensed around Earth. It is the message from the Angels that is now given to you dear children on Earth. The first message is: Be in your heart, feel the love in your heart and let it expand. The message is that you should be true to yourself. Be true and faithful to the one you are deep inside. Who are you? The answer you can find in your heart. What kind of task did you bring with you down here to Earth? Do you follow your heart’s message or do you let yourself get distracted by your mind and the outer reality you live in? Is your heart humble and loving or have you forgotten to fill it with all the love that you can find within you and around you? Regardless of the direction you look in you can discern love – as everything is love. Love is also patient and cautious. It is for you to find it here and now, exactly where you are here and now. You can find it in front, behind, next and within you. It is always for the one who is looking. Seeking needs first to take place within. It is when you find it within that you understand and can see that it is everywhere. You are the world you seek. You can your own world in just a few seconds. Yes, dear children on Earth, you are everything and you have everything. You just need to understand this.

Your world is undergoing a big change and your bodies too. You need to find yourselves in your own converting bodies. It is easy to get confused when the changes are as rapid as they now are on Earth. Please keep your feet steadily on Earth and the higher energies with your Gaia’s energy. This is when you are in and find your way to your heart’s wisdom. is important now and to stand with both feet on the ground is a sign of soundness. It is important to take time for one self, be outside in nature and to your heart. It is if you several times a day go within and check on your heart so that everything is in synchronization and you walk in the right direction. The mind can be a little confused now and does not know which leg to stand on. Ask the mind to listen to the heart and to follow it in order that everything will be well. The heart, as we have said before, is the leading star that you now are starting to follow. The higher heart will eventually work together with the higher mind, but for the moment it is best to focus on the heart as the mind does not yet have access to its higher mind yet. It would be become bewildering during this specific transition that Earth now is going through. Understand this dear children on Earth: It is your heart that you should listen to now. It is important precisely during this time and here and now. There are many who follow their heart, but there are also many with confused hearts on Earth today, since your mind has not let go of you yet. You must ask the mind to leave its place in favor of the heart, as it is the heart that now will lead you. Your will be simpler and calmer after this.