Ascended Twin Flame André, Light on the Rays,
by Christine Preston
August 12, 2017

There are other Rays called ‘Secret Rays’. The Cohans, Elohim, and Archangels, have revealed the of their Etheric Retreats all over the world. The fact that we can visit their retreats and temples of Light on the plane, while we sleep at night, or meditate, is part of the knowledge that the Messengers have compiled throughout their ministry. It contains the necessary to solve personal and planetary problems at the hour of earth’s history when the Armageddon of the psyche is still going on, when the is upon the dark forces, and we are about to the golden of Aquarius. These keys are instructions on to use the creative power of sound to generate spiritual energy and bring about changes in our lives, as well as to balance karma. They are techniques to access the spectrum of spiritual Light for personal and world problems. It is a spiritual tool that was known by the ancient mystics of East and West, but that was lost. The prayers and decrees can bring about the transcendence of the whole world as a result of an alchemical transformation of the self, of perception, of views, and of the mindset. The aim of the Spiritual Hierarchy and of its section called ‘The Great ’ is the establishment of a golden age of enlightenment according to Saint ’s plan. The scientific use of the seventh Ray of Saint is for the transformation of the self, or soul, with a high frequency spiritual energy called the Violet Flame. It is a cosmic eraser that raises you up the ladder of the dimensions. The new generations of students of the are prepared to enter into the Master-disciple relationship, which is called the ‘guru-chela’ relationship in the East, and it is a path of initiation eventually leading to personal Ascension.