9 Cib, 14 Uo, 1 Ik.

Selamat Jalwa! Funding is now approaching. Multitudes of currencies are being readied to make everyone in the various programs wealthy, healthy and wise! It has taken a long time for us to the lethargy that has delayed these programs. All is in place to show you that the long wait is justified and at last you can enjoy the wondrous fruits of your labors. As has been said, the best is yet to come! Prosperity is indeed what you have all been waiting for, so to the RV and its global companion, the -backed GCR!

As you at this process, know that an uphill battle was fought in the last few weeks allowing all of the issues to be resolved. Thank Heaven and its many allies for their magnificent contributions. As a result, you can see the beginnings of the flow that is earmarked to the long, illegal rule of fiat finance. Say hello to what is to terminate the Bank and its corollary, USA, INC! Prepare to welcome at last the revaluation and its twin, the new NESARA Republic. We are mindful that all of this has taken far too long to finally manifest.

We that these long delays and other misdeeds were due to the last desperate shenanigans of the old order and its many criminal alliances. These characters are too smart for their own good and need to be housed in an escape-proof facility. They are to be separated you and at the right time given appropriate punishments. You may therefore enjoy what we have in store for them.