Lord Michael – Updat,e, Macrocosmic Merkaba, July 30, 2017
by Christine Preston

The Stargate, or Cosmic Merkaba, has been used to activate or speed up the awakening for mankind. As said before, this such a powerful system that it could not be used at its total strength. Light needed to be diffused to many a chance of taking the right . The function of such a Stargate is not to take you from one place to another, but to raise up your consciousness to a higher level, so that you can then be taken to a higher level of existence in a final shift. The Stargate has given mankind a boost. You notice its effects by noting how your perceptions, your views, and feelings have changed. You notice people arguing. In the course of some arguments you notice some people speak from a point of inspiration, and the other side disagrees because they are still entrenched in the 3rd dimensional set. So, my , do not worry, the President knows more than transpires. It sometimes takes many strategies to make changes. The ones have lost their position of power through the Whitehouse. However, they still have some strategic strongholds in politics, as in other countries. Certain events may cause people and the media to react and trigger some controversial debates which in turn, will bring about some disclosure, and particularly about what is not quite right about NASA. They have been out an enormous deception for decades and it is about to be exposed. Disclosure is not that is revealed officially through the mouthpiece of the President, but the result of people awakening and thinking for themselves. The President would be getting a backlash of additional , or hostile response, if he were to make certain announcements that could be regarded as disclosure. He has to be diplomatic in everything he does and manoeuvers through a labyrinth of difficulties. However, the people are not dupe and are doing a work. Lies cannot be perpetrated forever.