Mike Quinsey – his – 18 August 2017

Mike Quinsey
Be assured that everything is proceeding well in spite of the outer appearances. The new energies are becoming established, and in consequence the old ones are struggling to maintain a place upon Earth. It is like a battle to survive except that the old energies have had their day and losing their power to continue , and eventually will die away. It is very much how it is with the energies that the Illuminati and their minions depend upon for their continuing existence, which is why they perpetrate by their actions. However, they are losing their power bit by bit and are no longer able to control you as before. The campaign to remove them in a way that denies them continual power over you is succeeding, and quietly with little publicity the Forces of Light have become the dominant force for good. It means that it will not be too before it will be safe to go ahead and introduce the many innovations that will up your quality of life.

Everything is alive with energy and in reality nothing can stand still for long, and are driven by the higher energies that are lifting you up to a new level leading to Ascension. Therefore no one can predict exactly when it will occur but it is very near, and nothing can now stop it from manifesting. So you can live day to day with the assurance that whatever happens around you the future is now certain and only God could alter the outcome. Things will remain rather hectic and seem a complete muddle, but as it settles down you will see positive signs of your future is taking you. For your part you can help keep a level of peace by sending out your Love and Light. Be assured you are much more powerful than you and should never feel that your contribution is little or no difference. It would after all only take a minority sending out pure love to change the world.