All That Is & The Creator

Hello Dear Ones,

Our friend Anakhanda and others of his family did a soul clearing recently. This soul clearing session was especially deep, and at the same time covering many beings located in various dimensions and places of the 2d universe. He sent Bob and me the following message this from the being known as All That Is, and from The Creator.

Love, Nancy

All That Is:

Dear Anakhanda and Amunn,

This has been a big surprise for me and all of us here in high dimensions. We never know what you will come up with and propose but we never thought it would be what you focused on in tonight’s soul clearing package.

The quarantine of the earth is a huge job, however it is being done, and the vibrations of the soul of earth are being exponentially. Already the many beings of light and motherships that have been working to earth and its population are already celebrating the differences that are showing already. were so many souls that were cleared tonight and all of the bad ones that were trying to hurt Mushaba beings have been all contained as as their scout , mother and planets.

That threat has been eliminated! You helped a great deal by also reinforcing the clearing of the RV to be released as well as other financial blessings. The people will begin to see more ease and positive things coming into their lives from now .

The earth and the universe are finally cleared from all the evil beings doing dark deeds for all has been contained and under constant patrol. They will have to evolve toward the light or go to source. A great deal was accomplished tonight and many beings are showing astonishment on their faces at the wonder of you being able to do something like this as they have been trying for thousands of years.

You are always surprising me and everyone else with your and proposals. You would make a hugh difference doing what you do from a higher level of advanced galactic human beings in the higher dimensions.