By Shivrael Luminance River.

Entering the Golden Field of Love: Eclipse Season Energy Report
8/11/2017 0 Comments

What do you wish to say about the energetic space many are this month?
As infinite intelligence, we represent the higher selves as a collective of knowing of the souls as oversoul on planet . See, in your mind’s , a golden field of knowing, represented by a symbol which represents love in the of knowledge.

All souls wish to be immersed in this infinite field of love, which is who they truly are. They/We want to bring this to earth and have chosen to do so; they want to graduate from of suffering. The symbol mentioned is your personal symbol, a key to access this golden field of love. The of suffering represent personal and collective karma of and effect out over aeons. And we assure you, speaking for all of you from you that your higher selves are united and collectivy choosing to . Do you feel the intensity, the changes within your being? Do not take this personally. See it with neutrality as the waves of change all including each one of you.


[IMG] Takeshi Kuboki.