Here is the UFO Headline News for Monday August 28th, 2017

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Headline #1: Hurricane Harvey Brings Historic Flooding: The Cajun Navy Hastens to Help Texans

Synopsis: Texans are getting help from their neighbors who know too well the dangers hurricanes can bring. The Cajun Navy, a band of Louisiana residents who used their boats and resources to rescue people during Hurricane Katrina, have been authorized to come to Texas and help rescue Hurricane Harvey victims. The group has some rescuers here in Texas already and more are expected to be on the way. Those who have arrived have brought their own boats to aid in the rescue efforts.

Headline #2: Orion and Sirius, The Dog Star

Synopsis: Tonight – August 27, 2017 – look for a first hint of the changing season in the predawn sky: Orion the Hunter and Sirius the Dog Star. The very noticeable constellation Orion the Hunter rises before dawn at this time of year, recognizable for the short straight line of three stars that make up Orion’s Belt. And the sky’s brightest star Sirius – sometimes called the Dog Star because it’s part of the constellation Canis Major the Greater Dog – follows Orion into the sky as the predawn darkness gives way to dawn.

Headline #3:  The Top Seven Texas UFO Sightings of All Time

Synopsis: The Texas sky is full of bewildering and bemusing sights. Here are the most well documented of these. But be careful where you tread. This round up might lead you down a dark, twisty turny Rabbit Hole, home to strange supernatural phenomenons and clandestine government agendas…

Headline #4: The Little People of The Night/Cheryl Costa

Synopsis: UFO and alien encounter stories that predate the 20th century are very popular amongst the readers of this blog. This week’s story recounts experiences by several generations of one family from the 1850s to present day with the “little people of the night.” The family member who shared this story was 96 in 2016; we’ll call her Alice. She shared her account with a Missouri UFO investigator. Alice’s family has lived on a farm in Wayne County in Southeast Missouri since the 1850s. According to census records the population of Wayne County in 1850 was 4,518. “I lived on the farm with my mother, father, grandmother and siblings,” Alice said. “When I was a kid, whoever was the youngest had to sleep on the sleeping porch of the house. None of us wanted to sleep there because the little people would visit, and we were all afraid of them,” Alice said. “I remember that my mother and grandmother told stories about the little people who visited the farm at night and that the stories were in the family since before the Civil War.”

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