Here is the UFO Headline News for Monday August 7th, 2017

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Headline #1: Partial Lunar Eclipse on August 7th-8th

Synopsis: Tonight – August 7, 2017 – just two weeks before the much-anticipated total eclipse of the sun on August 21, the full moon will pass through the northern part of the Earth’s dark umbral shadow, creating a shallow eclipse of the moon visible in Earth’s Eastern Hemisphere. As with any lunar eclipse, the moon will sweep through the Earth’s shadow from west to east, even as the moon travels across our sky from east to west. Any lunar eclipse can only happen at full moon, when the moon is opposite, or nearly opposite, the sun in Earth’s sky. That’s the only time that it’s possible for the moon to sail through the Earth’s shadow. Of course, to watch this lunar eclipse, you have to be on the night side of our world while the eclipse is taking place.

Headline #2: UFOs And The Edge of Reality/Cheryl Costa

Synopsis: Since the release of my book UFO Sightings Desk Reference, numerous media interviewers have asked me about the wide diversity of UFOs appearances or shapes. I keep hearing the questions about why there are so many different shapes. I’ve had to keep my answers simple at the risk of overwhelming the interviewers with the topic of UFOs and the edge of reality. It boils down to this: Most people tend to think of UFOs as simply advanced spacecrafts; just nuts and bolts technology. If I mention an automobile, you’ll probably get a mental image of some classic car with wheels, headlights, windows and seats in the interior. If we reference an aircraft, most of us would visualize a long tube with wings and some sort of nacelles, jet or piston for propulsion.

Headline #3: Spike in UFO Sightings Reported in Connecticut: Check Out The Full List

Synopsis: July was a big month for UFO sightings in the Nutmeg State, according to the National UFO Reporting Center. There were 10 UFO sightings reported in Connecticut during the month of July, according to the organization that records UFO sightings nationwide. Prior to July 20, UFO sightings had been reported in all of 2017, marking a 50 percent spike in reports. 

Headline #4: UFO Sighting in Woodbridge, Virginia

Synopsis: While standing on my deck I noticed an extremely bright cylinder-like object moving very fast in the sky– much faster than anything I have ever seen flying in the sky–it caught my eye because it was very bright, had a cylinder shape, moving fast and the back-drop was a clear blue sky; this object was not a conventional aircraft i.e. an airplane etc.; I happened to have my cell phone in hand and I took pictures of the object; this object was very far away from my position yet I saw this light clearly.

Headline #5: UFO Sighting in Louisville, Kentucky

Synopsis: Just minutes ago I was pulling up at my house, which is located in a suburban neighborhood in southwest Louisville,  I see what at first I thought was a bottle rocket or some kind of fireworks being shot into the sky, before it briefly–I mean not a fraction of a second–before ascending and vanishing into the sky; I don’t know for sure, but I believe it may have been ‘stationed’ over my house; it was a glowing white object and there was a faint hum sound.

Headline #6: UFO Sighting in Moab, Utah

Synopsis: I was emptying trash–heard a very loud sound verberating off the canyon–looked up and saw a disc, then spotted an f-16 coming up on the disc; as it got closer the disc made one movement, miles, very fast; the f-16 turned and headed towards it; then I saw a black helicopter trailing; they then headed behind canyon, and out of sight–very shocking, very fast.

Headline #7: UFO Sighting in Auburn, California

Synopsis: I was walking home with my partner from the store when we saw two very bright star-like lights in the sky; upon looking further I noticed they were out of place compared to the constellations and planets in the sky at the time; we continued to watch the objects, assuming at first that it was an aircraft of some kind, but it did not move or have any body mass.

Headline #8: UFO Sighting in Sedona, Arizona

Synopsis: My husband and I were visiting Sedona for the week and as we were driving this day, he noticed the rainbow first; I had just got my full frame Nikon and was really excited to capture it, so I took several pics, ‘aperture priority’–and with continuous shots; we both never saw anything in the sky besides the rainbow.

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