Here is the UFO Headline News for Thursday August 17th, 2017

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Headline #1: Moon And Venus At Dawn on August 18th

Synopsis: Tomorrow – August 18, 2017 – and the following morning, watch for the waning crescent moon and dazzling planet Venus in the east in the hours before sunrise. Then remember Venus, especially if you plan to go to the path of totality for the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse. The moon is heading sunward now, preparing to blot the sun from view. As the sky darkens on eclipse day, Venus will pop into view near the sun. For now, enjoy the moon and Venus, the brightest and second-brightest celestial bodies of nighttime, respectively. They’re so bright that you can see them shortly before the sun comes up. In fact, some people might even see the brilliant twosome after sunrise.

Headline #2: Total Solar Eclipse May Reveal A New Comet You Can See

Synopsis: When the sun disappears during a total solar eclipse across the United States on Aug. 21, the stars and a few planets should become visible for a moment. But that may not be all you’ll be able to see during the odd period of daytime darkness. There’s a slim chance you could spot a so-called “sungrazer” comet next to the darkened disc of our star during the eclipse.  While there’s no official definition of what makes a comet a sungrazer, the basic concept is that they make their pass around the sun at a relatively close distance, which can make them hard to see in the process as the intense brightness of our star drowns everything else out.

Headline #3: UFO Sighting in San Diego, California

Synopsis: On Saturday, 7/29/17 at 4:41 am PDT, as if out of nowhere I noticed a fiercely glowing object from my glass-walled home office windows; living on the 15th floor of a high-rise in Downtown San Diego affords my family spectacular city views and on an intermittently clear early morning like last Saturday, this object was unequivocally visible; heading outside onto our south-facing balcony, I was able to capture some remarkable pictures and video although I was only using my iPhone 6 as I don’t own any proper photography equipment.

Headline #4: UFO Sighting in Golden, Colorado

Synopsis: On 8/4/17 my husband and his son had just finished the Coors Factory Tour in Golden–I had returned from our hotel to pick them up–we had admired the butte formation behind the Coors Factory and we took pictures of the butte; it was about 5 pm; we did not see any unusual activity, we were just admiring the butte, which we do not have in Virginia; so we took pictures of the butte with three different phones–the photo showed up on my husband’s phone.

Headline #5: UFO Sighting in Missouri

Synopsis: We live out in the country in the Ozark/Rogersville area; during the day, a friend and I lit a fire; after lighting the fire my friend noticed a plane-like structure off in the distance emitting red lights–the sky was clear with hardly a cloud, but I couldn’t see what she was seeing, even after moving behind her and into her field of vision–we laugh about it and move along, this was approximately 5-6pm Central Time. around 9:00 pm we gathered our things to leave; after locking the house and loading the dog into the car, my friend and I sit down in the front seats of the car, ready to start the ignition and I then see a flash of three, bright white lights in my peripheral vision.

Headline #6: UFO Sighting in Gracefield, Quebec, Canada

Synopsis: I went out to my cottage to stargaze with my telescope; I have been an avid amateur astronomer for some time and I know the sky in the area very well, especially during the summer when I do most of my stargazing; looking out towards the horizon I see clouds gathering and beginning to shroud the stars, but a bright red/orange light remained in front of the clouds, not being swept over by them–this is not the first time I have seen something strange from my cottage view, but certainly the first in several years.

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