Ascended Twin , Weather Warfare, September 13, 2017,
by Christine Preston

They are now being liberated as the existence of this secret technology and of a military installation in Alaska, in relation to the that has caused a destructive weather, and brought devastation to the American shores, this technology is beginning to be . To answer your question, God is not acting in any way to cause these devastations. And as to whether some seals referred to in ancient scripture are being , or some vials emptied, or whether it is in relation to the biblical ride of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse returning physical karma, I will say this: there is no such thing as an apocalypse in the sense of disastrous events willed by God. There is an unveiling of what is hidden and calypso in Greek, as said before, hiding. So -calypse Disclosure or Revelation. The Dark ones are going too far with their endgames and don’t know the only end in is going to be the one that comes to them. The book of Enoch prophesied a judgment for the Watchers, beings, or souls that were allowed to take embodiment in the days of Lemuria. As said before, they to power and seceded from the motherland and created the Atlantean civilization. The Roman Church then interpreted that the Judgment was for all of . This is a fallacy, an error of interpretation.