Wake up Call: Mushaba & Porda 9-11-17 Galactic Federation Of Light

We are this to you all an on what is taking around the world. is a great deal of controversy created and it is not because people do not know what they are saying. They are told some things by some people who are doing it for the well of themselves, and no others. These ones who are still in the works to keep control are in the last vestiges of their experiencing what they consider to be the best way of living on this planet.

What they do not realize is that they are in the last of their lives here because the onslaught of what they are doing is in the works of taking them off the planet and into a way of realizing what they have been doing for many ages on this planet. They are about to be removed in a way that they on a soul level will be choosing. This will be the entirety of their journey here.

As they see the new light that is shining upon them, they will realize what their lives on earth have taught them and why they came to this planet to experience it. They will also see that those that they have been manipulating are beginning to really live in the Light that they are used to, and that what they are seeing is the answer to what they have been asking for. It is a matter of them being able to realize that they too had a here on earth to experience, and that they had been manipulated by many who were expressing what they chose to follow in their here on earth.