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By Mother of All Creation

Final Event Energies Update ~ Post Eclipse Update, The Truth Rising to the Surface

“The Magic of Creation”

“Love Letters From The Present Moment of NOW, Heaven on Earth”

“Blessed is The Love Called God Everywhere Present, Equally Within US ALL”

“Once you can get to the Understanding that it is not you that is actually Living your Life, Love is, You will Have the OH MY GOD Experience. Love has Ultimate Freewill, within Unlimited thought, How Grand is that? Do you Understand that Love is Alive within you and you are LOVE? We are in Full awareness and Full consciousness, waiting for ALL OF YOU. It’s a Party!!!! Celebrate as The Truth Inevitably Is Rising to the Surface, as this is all it can do, because its the Highest Vibrational Frequency that Exists.”
Love From The Galactic Federation of Light, The of Heaven, and From Galactic Central~Center. WE are Your of Light, From The Stars and Beyond. WE are Also the Ground Crew Medical Team For The Event of First Contact.

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Commentary from The First Contact Ground Crew 5dSpiritual Healing Team:

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