By, Lisa Transcendance Brown..

Descended Earth Shaken &; Stirred to Loosen the Grip of Separation Consciousness, while Anchors Experience More Heaven on Earth Here

♦ Understanding Multi-Dimensional Earth REALities is KEY ♦
Aloha Unity Light Holders, Change-Makers & Anchors of Our NEW Earth here,

Each Earth continues to experience vastly (Polarity) different REALities, due to the timeline split that has continually occurred over the () years through this collective one that continues to increase now. You see the significance of this in your own experiences and what “out there” in virtual land you as alternate realities, as your Universal Mind Body activates your new holographic viewer to see more of this from within you. Your inner viewer can observe multiple dimensions simultaneously and determine what dimensional timeline is represented, what is happening on the different versions of Earths and more. It’ so easy to higher timeline experiences with these ultra-high as we all fulfill our own ’s Destiny now.