Dear Ones do not be influenced by the signs of turmoil and ongoing problems that seem to be endless and show no signs of to a conclusion. As you will see one day soon when you look back, commenced as predicted but it took time to establish the ways of life. The old energies are gradually disappearing but are those will not let go until they feel forced to do so. Like any of you they are creating their own and time line that will enable them to continue in their chosen way. However, the negative forces will no longer be able to force their ways upon those of you who seek a peaceful life free from the abomination of war. Threats of war grow but at the same time many continue to work towards permanent peace on Earth. Be assured however serious the threats are and posturing becomes, is absolutely no way a nuclear war will be allowed. Whilst your freewill is acknowledged, the higher powers have made it quite clear that no nuclear devices will be allowed to be used. Any attempt to do so will result in failure and that is the Will of God.