More than an Hour with Archangel ,
September 2, 2017, by Christine Preston.

He did this to see your reaction, but then explained it is just the way it will look and although a difficult , it will be the of the house being put in order in the biblical sense that some Christians understand, because it is ‘the ’ when we have told you that only evil will . It is on some people because of the psychological ramifications involved. They should appreciate the fact that problems in their personal lives can also be the result of some views, or beliefs, that the Life Teacher wishes them to abandon. These views are sometime the reason for the existence of certain conditions in their lives which need to be shaken off. They can transform their lives by adopting a new vision, new understanding, and it is all to do with that depend on what we call ‘consciousness’ but it also is ‘ set’, and is the result of education, indoctrination, misinterpretation of scripture, or erroneous doctrines, political views, as as a other things. You create in your density and physical matter by a thought that the elementals then use.