I am and I am here to and support you with your new on Earth. It is big that you have taken on. Many mantles rest on your shoulders. You have now started to remove , so that the burden has eased a little from your shoulders. However, there is quite a lot to do and you assiduously continue with your work. There are many people that are affected by the work that now has started on Earth. It is not only people. It is also our beautiful nature and all the that live here. There are many who are affected by your work so you have to forward .

It is not easy to wake up and come out of the slumber of this society. It has a hold of your soul and your . A little seed that take root can however do wonders and you have seen this many times – Plants that grow in the inaccessible places without about if it appears as if there is neither soil nor water. You have seen many seeds now dear children on Earth and they grow a little everywhere now in both good soil and not such good soil. It is a joy to see and we are all so happy and thankful for this.