The Healing Of Prayer – Healing Prayer Lessons of A Course In Miracles – Episode II #NCT-18


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The New Continuum of Time .

Readings: NEW TESTAMENT (KJV): Matthew 16:19, 252: The Of God Is My ., 253: My Is Ruler Of The Universe., 245: Your Is With Me, Father. I Am Safe., 264: I Am Surrounded By The Love Of God., 291: This Is A Day Of Stillness And Of Peace., 281: I Can Be Hurt By Nothing But My Thoughts., 283: Mv True Identity Abides In You., 291: This Is A Day Of Stillness And Of Peace, 294: My Body Is A Wholly Neutral Thing., 301: And God Himself Shall Wipe Away All Tears., 303: The Holy Christ Is Born In Me Today., 313: Now Let A New Perception Come To Me., 321: Father, My Freedom Is In You Alone., 325: All Things I Think I See Reflect Ideas., 326: I Am Forever An Effect Of God., 308: This Instant Is The Only Time There Is., 347: Anger Must Come ., 348: I Have No Cause For Anger Or For ., 346: Today The Peace Of God Envelops Me, And I Forget All Things Except His Love., NEW TESTAMENT (KJV): Book Of 21:1-7