to move beyond the you notice. You saw, you know, okay what comes after that? You
need to take a step and you are at the exact moment of making an action plan. In order to step into
new beginnings you need to leave behind the , taking that first step you need to lay the first
tone of the building you need. Your body, , thoughts even your is being restructured.
You need to give up on the traces you leave behind each time, for if you get lost. Get reNewed!
your inner library, walk around, enjoy, internalize all your records, your experiences, look at the worn
pages and find that notebook of yours among the dusty shelves you have not opened yet, not even
a page. Open the page, getting out of those you try to resolve your mind that have been
worn out from your loops, repeats, unite with the spirit of your library, and let the pages be filled
with what from your heart, with brand new sentences for you. May be yours is one sentence,
may be one word may be many pages, let go. You are at the time of birth, for your own expression,
for your new order, for your greatness! Time to carry what you notice to resolution, transformation
and healing. Get reNewed!


Channel Mavi’nin Sesi
Translation Turkish to English Arzu Altınay