Arcturians, Evolution into our Self,
October 23, 2017 by Suzanne Lie

It is your Core Spirit that resonates to the of the fifth-dimension. In order for one to cross this threshold, they BE their Core Spirit who resonates to inner , inner , and the inner reflection about their growing awareness of a frequency of reality that is VERY close. 

This frequency of reality is so close that it feels as if you can reach out to touch it. But, the meaning of this “fifth dimensional touch” is difficult to understand with one’s third/fourth dimensional perception and third/fourth dimensional thought processes.

If you are going on a long vacation into the wilderness, as you this wilderness your consciousness will begin to because you will be influenced by things that you have not normally met in your .  Therefore, your consciousness expands. 

Therefore, as all of you, each of you, together or alone, in groups or in huge groups, in groups and/or in planetary groups, move into this “wilderness of the fifth-dimension” you will be entering a place, actually a frequency, that you may not have consciously experienced before.

Actually, many of you have experienced this frequency/place, but you forgot. As you move into this wilderness, this frequency of the unknown, you may experience the feeling that you have newly arrived into a frequency of reality that you have always known, but forgot.