Birthing New , The Arcturians through Suzanne
October 20, 2017

Those who use their free will to to assist the planet with Her transmutation will greatly expand their consciousness. This is because they to contribute in the great event of planetary ascension. 

Therefore, they have set out the of “we are creating planetary ascension,” which brings back the effect of being “a member of planetary consciousness.” Within this expanded consciousness they can create portals that will open wider and move into higher and higher frequencies and dimensions.

These portals of light will be able to accept more and more multi- light and love. In fact, these expanded streams of light can more efficiently move:

Down into the Gaia’s core crystals
Then emanate out of from core and onto Gaia’s entire surface
Into Gaia’s aura/atmosphere
Beyond Gaia’s aura
And into and through the fourth-dimension   

When this higher light moves into the core of Gaia, then out into the third, fourth dimensional time-bound realities, the NOW of this light releases the concepts of “past and future,” as well as the separation and limitation created by third/fourth dimensional time.

With the release of the of separation, the third and blend into the NOW of Gaia’s process of transmutation into a fifth dimensional planet of higher light and unconditional love.

In this manner, the illusion of separation between life, which was perceived as living on a physical , and death, which was perceived as living on a fourth-dimensional astral , is released.