With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Deepening concerns surrounding Korea have led to inquiries such as “Can ships land if ET presence would avert a nuclear war?” and like “It would be really helpful if disclosure and spacecraft landings happen soon!” Dear ones, let us you that escalating rhetoric will not lead to nuclear war, and if any missiles are launched with nuclear warheads, crews in spacecraft will prevent their detonation.

As for disclosure and landings, what we told you ago still stands: God is in charge of timing as only He can know when safety is certain for the landing parties and Earth’s peoples. details of official acknowledgement of extraterrestrial presence will be tailored to that timing, but we ’t heard of any changes in the plan. Via a telecast beamed into all national systems, internationally respected persons will announce that benevolent civilizations’ crafts are in your skies and some will land imminently. Next, well-known dignitaries greeting disembarking crews will be aired, and if not at that time, then soon afterwards, members of our universal family who are assigned to various missions around the world will be introduced in a conference-style telecast. As the society becomes acquainted with their —and light beings throughout this universe will be overjoyed to see Earth’s peoples mingling with these family members!—the among them and your teams of specialists will pool their ideas and technologies and restoration of the planet will begin in earnest.