Constant Connection Your Higher SELF– The Arcturians through Suzanne

October 16, 2017

Once you can connect with this higher perspective, not only you more easily find solutions to Third Dimensional issues, which you find via your communication with your Higher SELF, you will no feel alone.

A quick meditation to align with your higher dimensional perceptions is all you will need to remember that you are not alone. In fact, through your conscious, and constant, connection with your Higher Dimensional Self, you will find solutions and answers to many of your daily challenges.

You will also find comfort and companionship. Yes, via your daily “check-ins with your SELF, you will establish an Open of Communication through which you can send a quick, “Good Morning,” or a “Help me please!”

Whether you are just saying hello or asking for assistance, the response will be immediate because the YOU that is answering and assisting the you on Earth exists outside of your third dimensional time. This higher dimensional expression of your Multidimensional SELF is free of third dimensional time and space.

Therefore, your SELF is Always with you. And, because this “SELF” resonates to the , this YOU can instantly remember your past, perceive your future options, (we say options, as Gaia is a free will planet and YOU are creating your life every day and every minute.)

We are that you, our brave volunteers to take an earth vessel, have the great challenge of polarities of “good and bad,” as well as the constant movement through time and space. 

Therefore, we remind you to Give us a Call! Since we, your Higher Selves, you individually, as well as within your family systems and groups.