Preparing your Self to Remember the “First Contact” you already had– Family–through Sue
October 1, 2017

also has a fifth dimensional Light , just as humans have a fifth dimensional Light Body. must have a fifth dimensional of consciousness in order to match the frequency of Gaia fifth dimensional expression, in order to perceive that frequency of Gaia.

For example, it easiest for humans to perceive the fourth dimensional frequency of Gaia while they are sleeping, in , or while enjoying a creative act.

The difficulty is NOT that all awakening humans need to have these experiences.

The difficulty IS that certain Awakening Ones vowed before they took this , that they would remember their fourth dimensional experiences once they began their “RETURN” back to their fifth dimensional frequency of existence.

We know that you have all had amazing dreams and/or meditations, but as soon as you your eyes and see the 3D world, that experience flies from your 3D memory.