The Carl Higdon Alien Abduction Story

Wednesday, November 1st, 2017 at 7:30 pm ET, join Supernatural Girlz host Patricia Baker and co-host PK invites Carl Higdon and his wife Margery Higdon to share the incredible physical proof that Carl experienced during his close encounter of a third kind.

We will hear about the incredible physical proof that Carl experienced something from another world:

1. A discarded 7mm bullet turned inside out and missing lead
2. Carl’s truck moved to an inaccessible spot
3. Medical records ~ proof that Carl was healed from what contemporary medical science deemed impossible, and more…

Hear the true story directly from Carl & Margery Higdon. This is their first interview in over 30 years.  Don’t miss this show!


Carl & Margery Higdon | The Carl Higdon Alien Abduction Story

Carl Higdon, a 41 year-old oil well driller, husband and father of four, was an honest, hard working man, not prone to flights of fancy. However on the afternoon of October 25, 1974, he had a close encounter with an alien being who took him on the ride of his life.

These are Pictures of What Carl Saw on October 24th, 1974

Carl Higdon 6' Tall Alien

Stan Gordon | UFOs, Bigfoot & Cryptids Encounters, Oh My!

Carl Higdon Fired Bullet

Carl Higdon Newspaper Clipping

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